1)  Prepare your Audio files:

★  Before sending, confirm the tracks are aligned exactly how you want them.

★  Please send max quality files of your recordings, such as .wav or .aif.

★  Please label them well.

2)  Upload & send. WeTransfer for free to timothyfehling@gmail.com

★  Tell me about your song or project.

3)  I’ll reach out with some questions about the vision you have and any requests you may have (e.g., overall feel, descriptors, space, reverb, compression levels, overall volume).


4)  I get to work and then I’ll send you a fully produced mix/master. If you have your own mastering engineer, that is perfectly fine and welcomed. Having more sets of professional ears on a song is always nice.


5)  If you have revision requests, those are welcomed and encouraged. You are not charged extra for any revisions. I want you to be 100% satisfied with your mix/master. 


6)  Once finalized and approved by you, I’ll send you the max quality .wav. For you to proudly share!