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Only the best quality, completed with responsiveness and speed. All at an affordable, fair rate.

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Below are some Virtual performances I've mixed. Singers perform individually at home and then send me their audio recordings. It's my job to provide consultation, recording guidance, audio alignment, audio editing and repair, mixing and mastering. To ultimately get the group sounding like they are singing together and cohesive in one space, such as a studio, or a theater/stage, concert hall, church, cathedral, etc.

"El Grillo" (24 singers)

"Unclouded Day" (35 singers)

"Tri Takinsta" (14 singers)

"Make the Silence Loud with Love" (37 singers)

"Hana Wa Saku" (22 singers)

"Somewhere in my Memory" (29 singers)

"No Time" (25 singers)

"Stand Up and Vote" (40 singers)

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Nicole Becker, Director, Teachers College

Tim did amazing mixes of our choirs. He started by learning exactly what we were aiming for and providing models of different kinds of mixes. We found the mix that represented our choirs the way we envisioned (for us, a natural sound that doesn't sound engineered), and Tim took it from there, completing each of the songs very quickly and immediately responsive to our feedback with fast rounds of edits. We would absolutely bring him on board for any project.

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Dave Hab, Emmy-award winning Composer

Tim’s one of those rare guys who seems comfortable in a wide variety of genres and does them all exceptionally well. He has a keen ear and an insatiable desire to learn and experiment. He’s also a conceptual thinker with a deep knowledge of sonic principles, so he gets what you’re trying to do, and knows how to make it happen. All of this comes wrapped in his enthusiasm and positive attitude - a truly passionate artist.


Christine Howlett, Music Dept. Chair, Vassar

It has been an absolute joy to work with Tim. We have worked on two projects together just in the past couple of months. He is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and fast! He was generous with his time in answering my questions, as well as meeting with the singers. As we worked through the mixing process, he always supported my artistic choices while offering expert advice along the way. I'm looking forward to future collaborations.

Eduardo Navega, Director, Vassar

Dear Tim, I am in shock. You are a magician! Thank you for a great job!

Kelly Nichole, Singer, The CØALITIØN

So I have to talk about this man’s ability to mix vocals and blend it together with such intuition. Wowwww. He murdered it! It sounds like buttery heaven. All my musician friends should reach out to Tim for mixes. Maybe you already recorded and you want a brand new vibe or just to really bring the song or project the whole way? Yeah, talk to Tim, and - trust me - you’ll be blown away.

Michael Scheetz, Director, Vassar

Fabulous!!! Thanks for your brilliant editing for us, Tim!

Concert Hall


Let’s craft you an amazing, professional mix. Something you will love and will be excited and proud to share with friends, family and fans.


I work instinctively to ensure your song remains natural. My approach is also highly mathematical to ensure your sound is sculpted the right way.


You’ve worked hard on perfecting your skills, your music, your singing. You have a vision, and we’ll work together to reach it. I work with you, listen to you, and communicate.


Only the best quality, completed with responsiveness and speed. All at an affordable, fair rate.



What's included?

★  A crystal clear, beautiful, pro mix.

★  Vocals: Platinum sound, guaranteed. I use the finest vocal compressors, EQ and reverb available.

★  Audio alignment. For every audio file you provide, I double-check it from start to finish to ensure it is aligned exactly how it is meant to be, in sync with the instrumentals, or the rest of the group or choir, etc.

★  Audio repair. I use the best tools in the industry to help combat issues such as unwanted pops, clicks, crackles, mouth noise, background noise, distortion, and more.

★  Individualized attention. For every audio file you provide, I give it the attention and love it deserves. To ensure that it has the appropriate levels of EQ and compression.

★  I communicate with you along the way, and seek your request for panning/positioning and space & reverb. I use the best convolution reverb tools in the industry, to subtly place you in any space you can dream of. Studios, theaters, stages, concert halls, churches, cathedrals, and much more. You name it, and you’re there!

★  Mastering - included! Using the best bus compressor and mastering tools available, I ensure your final Master is impactful and at the most ideal volume level for streaming platforms and online sharing. To ensure it is volume-competitive, maintains maximum dynamics, and isn’t a victim of the loudness war.

★  An engineer with 14 years of experience, an addiction to mixing, a lifetime love of music, and great attention to detail. I listen at loud and soft volume levels on multiple different systems, to ensure your mix has the perfect blend of impact and balance.

★  Bulk rates available for large groups & choirs. Contact me for details.

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What's included?

★  Everything listed in the ‘Audio’ package is included.

★  Professional Video presentation of your group/ensemble/choir. I partner with a Videographer.

★  If you would like to avoid paying for Video services, you could consider free video-editing tools. If you or any of your friends have an interest in video work, I encourage you to go for it! There are many amazing programs that make it remarkably easy these days. DaVinci Resolve for example is a mighty powerful and user-friendly video editing program, completely FREE. This article also contains a list of additional FREE video-editing programs.



How do Virtual choirs and performances work exactly?

The basic summary is:

  1. You choose the song you want to sing and then find or create a backing track (or backing karaoke track, or backing MIDI instrumental track) to sing along to.

  2. Wearing headphones, you and your group members each sing & record on your own, in your apartments/homes. 

  3. You all send me your audio files. I get to work and communicate closely with you along the way, to craft the perfect mix that you envisioned.

  4. I send you the mix and then we work on revisions if needed. All revisions are included! I want you to be 100% satisfied with your final mix.

  5. If you’ve hired me for Video services too, then next we work together with my Videographer partner, to craft you the perfect video presentation you’ll love.  If not and you will be doing the video portion, then my job is finished and I send you the final maximum quality mix.

I’m a Choir Director and my group is excited to try a virtual choir! But I’m not sure where to begin. Can you help?

Absolutely! Check out my Virtual Recording Guide for info. Beware, it might be a lot to take in! But everything you need to get started is in there. If anything is confusing, always feel free to contact me with additional questions.

I’ve already done virtual performances, but am now looking to take mine to the next level. Can you help?

Definitely. First, review my Tips and Tricks. If none of that is new to you and you have additional specific questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

I’m looking to upgrade to an external USB microphone, but I don’t want to break the bank. Do you have any recommendations?
Here’s an article comparing 10 USB Microphones under $100. And here’s another article. My tip is always to do a little research and reading, keeping your voice in mind. For example, if your voice is really bright to begin with, you’d want to avoid any mics that promote adding brightness.

Microphone Sound Editing


Let's work on this together. Tell me about the mix you'd like to achieve. Something you will love and will be excited and proud to share with friends, family and fans.

A little bit about me: I grew up in Kohler, WI and went to UW-Madison for undegrad. I've lived in Los Angeles and most recently New York, and am now back in Madison, WI.

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