COVID 19: recording or mixing a Virtual Choir or Virtual Performance and don't know where to begin, or want to take yours to the next level? CONTACT me with any questions. I also have a handy list of tips & tricks here: VIRTUAL RECORDING TIPS

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Crystal clear, bold, pro mixes for Rock and Metal.

I work instinctively to ensure your art remains natural. My approach is also highly mathematical to ensure your sound is sculpted the right way, polished and radio-ready.

You’ve worked so incredibly hard on perfecting your skills, your music, and your recordings. You have a vision, and we’ll work together to reach it. I work with you, listen to you, and communicate.

Only the best quality, completed with responsiveness and speed. All at an affordable, fair rate. Read more. Listen.

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Nicole Becker, Director, Teachers College

Tim did amazing mixes of our choirs. He started by learning exactly what we were aiming for and providing models of different kinds of mixes. We found the mix that represented our choirs the way we envisioned (for us, a natural sound that doesn't sound engineered), and Tim took it from there, completing each of the songs very quickly and immediately responsive to our feedback with fast rounds of edits. We would absolutely bring him on board for any project.

Dave Hab, Emmy-award winning Composer

Tim’s one of those rare guys who seems comfortable in a wide variety of genres and does them all exceptionally well. He has a keen ear and an insatiable desire to learn and experiment. He’s also a conceptual thinker with a deep knowledge of sonic principles, so he gets what you’re trying to do, and knows how to make it happen. All of this comes wrapped in his enthusiasm and positive attitude - a truly passionate artist.

Kelly Nichole, Singer,


So I have to talk about this man’s ability to mix vocals and blend it together with such intuition. Wowwww. He murdered it! It sounds like buttery heaven. All my musician friends should reach out to Tim for mixes. Maybe you already recorded and you want a brand new vibe or just to really bring the song or project the whole way? Yeah, talk to Tim, and - trust me - you’ll be blown away.

Christine Howlett, Music Dept. Chair, Vassar

It has been an absolute joy to work with Tim. We have worked on two projects together just in the past couple of months. He is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and fast! He was generous with his time in answering my questions, as well as meeting with the singers. As we worked through the mixing process, he always supported my artistic choices while offering expert advice along the way. I'm looking forward to future collaborations.

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You’ve worked so incredibly hard on perfecting your skills, your music, and your recordings. You have a vision, and we’ll work together to reach it. Let’s craft you an amazing mix. Something you will Love, be excited to share, and be proud of for the rest of your lives.


★  A crystal clear, bold, pro mix. Huge, defined, deep, impactful.

★  Guitars: Larger-than-life. Your guitars will sound fuller, clearer and more powerful than ever.

★  Bass: Huge and tight. No mud here. Only clarity and fullness.

★  Drums: Bold and stunning. Let's shape them magnificently.

★  Vocals: Platinum sound. Whether we place them more upfront or further back in the mix, they will cut through with incredible clarity and impact.

★  And for all other instruments, I give them the attention and love they deserve, and sculpt them to perfection. 

★  Drum sampling. I subtly and carefully blend drum samples with your original recordings to craft a more impactful, deeper, richer drum experience within the mix.

★  I utilize the best tools, gears and plugins in the industry. EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Stereo Delay, Parallel FX, Doublers, Distortion, Bus Compression, Imaging, …

★  An engineer with 13 years of experience, an addiction to mixing, a lifetime love of Rock and Metal, and great attention to detail. I listen at loud and soft volume levels on multiple different systems, to ensure your mix has the perfect blend of impact and balance.


If you have your own Mastering Engineer lined up or would specifically like to outsource one, I encourage you to go for it! Having an extra pair of professional ears on your songs is great. But if you can’t budget for one, that’s not a prob and I’ve got you covered. I use only the best Mastering tools and scrutinize to death over Masters, to ensure they are pro, polished and radio-ready.

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Below are some Virtual Choirs I've mixed. Singers perform individually at home and then send me their audio recordings. It's my job to provide consultation, recording guidance, audio alignment, audio editing and repair, mixing and mastering. To ultimately get the choir sounding like they are singing together and cohesive in one space, such as a cathedral, or church, or hall, etc.

Mixer Desk


In 2007, Timothy dove into music production by mixing his own Rock songs. In 2011, he gained an interest/addiction in film music and interned at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions in Santa Monica, CA. Since then, he has produced over 50 instrumental songs for 4 music libraries, 3 concept orchestral albums, and 2 grunge metal albums. Most recently, he has mixed 13 virtual choirs and counting, since the U.S. quarantine began around mid-March 2020. He grew up in Kohler, WI and currently lives in New York. 


Alrighty, enough chit chat. You ready to get to it? Let’s get you a mix that you love and are excited to share.

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